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Steiner Dairy has distinguished itself as a world-class cheese house, winning top prizes including, but not limited to, second at the Ohio State Fair, first at the Swiss Festival, and overall Reserve Grand Champion also at the Swiss Festival. With an enduring history of excellence, Steiner’s Swiss cheese recipe dates back to 1833 when Steiner established itself as the first cheese house in Ohio.

Baltic-native Stanley Mullet purchased Steiner Dairy in 2011. Before purchasing Steiner, Mullet was employed by the Dairy as its cheese maker―using the same Steiner recipe that everyone continues to love. Today, Mullet takes pride in being highly involved with the company and making delicious Steiner cheese.

All of Steiner’s milk is acquired from local farms―assuring that Steiner cheese is both fresh and natural. The milk is purity tested by both Steiner and a third party to ensure that Steiner cheese maintains consistency in both appearance and taste profile.

E.S. Steiner Dairy is highly involved in community organizations such as the United Way, Tuscarawas Chamber of Commerce, Business Networking International, Baltic Area Business Association, and more. As a local business, Steiner understands how important it is to work together as a community to help each other grow.